Dai Dandan

Artist’s Statement

Artist Dandan Dai

Dandan Dai

In the era of industrial production, pure handicraft is also a kind of fighting, fight with technology and civilization, fight with liberalization and regulation. I would like to experience the freedom during the process. I cannot be able to predict the result, just seek for the simple hand mechanical process rather than the complicated process. My works strive to break through “A-Know” in plane and space of the image.

During the process of weaving, it is antagonism between freedom and rules, as well as a game of sensibility and rationality. I select the ribbons with certain width, which means to limit the element of the whole image. It works regularly repeated under limited conditions, or totally random without consciousness. Inside of heart, it is filled of freedom and breakthrough the bound, at the same time live under the certain rules. I am also trying to look for the balance to enjoy the relation between dragging and pulling.

I love to roam the various markets looking for new materials. I find different effects arise from the reassembling and juxtaposition of common elements of our daily lives. Taking away an object’s original function lets people appreciate that object’s aesthetics. I bought many materials and conducted various tests on different objects with different media. Finally, I selected the simplest means of expression, applying the most traditional approach to the canvas: that of weaving. I follow this principle in my work, to focus on adopting ready-made objects, abandoning drawing skill and deleting conceptualization in my works. I regard this as a breakthrough in artistic form.

Artist Biography

Dai Dandan was born in 1979 in Beijing. After receiving her degree in Communication from the Communication University of China, she moved to the UK to earn her Master’s of Fine Arts at the University of Wales. Upon graduating, Dai returned to Beijing and began a career in television before transitioning full time to art.

Dai’s most recent work plays off of Duchampian ready-mades to critique contemporary Chinese culture’s turn to consumerism. By taking objects associated with China’s long deep past and embellishing them with flashy “bling” including rhinestones, she draws attention to how the demand for high-end consumer goods is impacting the culture as well as the environment. A consumptive lifestyle is in no way sustainable if adopted by the 1.35 billion people that inhabit China and Dai’s work calls for a re-evaluation of the changing societal values of her country. Though China has long practiced reusing resources—for instance, when a building is torn down, they save and reuse the bricks and metal—this practice is fading in the face of a rising capitalist China.

Dai’s work has been shown throughout China including in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. She has also shown her work in Hong Kong and Macao and been awarded residencies in Australia and Hong Kong.


1979  Born in Beijing, China

2004  Graduated from University of Wales in Wales, UK with a Master of Arts degree

2002  Graduated from Communication University of China, with a Bachelor of Arts degree

Currently lives and works in Beijing, China

Solo Exhibition

2016  ‘Woven Freedom’, Triumph Art Space, Beijing, China ‘Braid’, NKN Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2014  ‘Boundless’, BM Art, Beijing, China

2012  ‘Mr & Mrs Huang in the Humble Administrator’s Garden’, Studio Rouge, Shanghai & HongKong

Group Exhibitions

2015  “Hi21 Young Art Fair 2015”, Shanghai Soho FuXing Plaza, Shanghai ,China

“2015 Art Nova 100 Opening Exhibition and 5th Anniversary Celebration”, National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

“Out of the Box!” SURGE Art’s exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China

“are we All we are?”Residene artists’ exhibition, Busan Korea

“we we we”, Art space at Cofco Plaza, Beijing, China

“Art-up”avant-garde Contemporary Art Fair, Poly Auction, Beijing, China

“Gengons-Structure Dimension of New Abstraction”, The Emerging Arts Research Center, Beijing, China

2014  ‘Pure and Intangible’, Phoenix 798 Art Center, Beijing, China

‘New Generation of Abstract Art’, Sishang Art Museum, Beijing, China

‘Pure and Empty’, Phoenix Art Center Shanghai, China

‘ArtNova 100-HongKong’, HongKong K11 Art Center, HongKong

‘Art Beijing 2014’, A12T Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, China

‘Temperature of Lines’, ArtNova 100 Art Space, Beijing, China

‘France-China, 1964-2014: A time of Recognition & Friendship’

Art exhibition featuring 50 Chinese artists, 17th arrondissement of Paris, France

‘Beijing – SLC connect’, Alvin Gittins Gallery, Salt Lake City, USA

2013  ‘2013 ArtNova 100’ tour exhibitions, Shanghai & Shenzhen, China

‘2013 ArtNova 100’ Launching, SZ Art Space & 798 Time Factory, Beijing, China

Asia Contemporary Art Show HK 2013, Hong Kong

‘Considering the spiritual’, NING Space, Beijing, China

Preview of ‘Modern And Contemporary Chinese Art: Works Of International Well-Known Designers’ in National Agriculture Exhibition Center & JinBao Place, Poly Auction (Spring), Beijing, China

Art Macao2013, BM Art Creative, Macao

HongKong Artwalk 2013, China Art Projects, HK

‘Oriental Objects’, BM Art Creative, Beijing, China

Preview of ‘Modern And Contemporary Chinese Art: Works Of International Well-Known Designers’ in National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Poly Auction (Autumn), Beijing, China

2012  ‘Carnival-Hei Qiao Artist Community (I)’, Mizuma & One Gallery, Beijing, China

Preview of ‘Modern And Contemporary Chinese Art: Works Of International Well-Known Designers’ in National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Poly Auction (Spring), Beijing, China

2010  “The Republic”, South Art Space, 798 ART ZONE, Beijing, China

2009   Art Director at ArtMia Foundation (DoArt)

2008   Art Manager & Curator at Black 100 Gallery

Artist In Residency

2015  Openspace Bae, Busan, Korea

2014  “Living-Gallery” @Alvin Gittins Gallery, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA

2012  L’hotel élan, Hongkong, China

2010  Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne, Australia