Huang Xu

Artist Statement

Huang Xu

Huang Xu

Creating distinctive suites of photo-graphic images, my work takes issue with the changing face of Chinese culture.

In one series of “Fragments”, I has created images both arresting and mysterious. Using nothing more than discarded plastic shopping bags, I has arranged these items like the sumptuous folds of delicate silken garments. Recalling the traditional fabrics of my country’s imperial past, my aesthetic program is unquestionably Chinese in character. The dynamic movements expressed in these interlocking fragments are similar to the rhythmic energies of ancient Chinese calligraphy, martial arts and acrobatics.

In another series of “Rock”, I turned my attention to the tradition of Chinese scholars’ rocks. This series brings to light the extent of my preoccupation with the philosophical traditions of my native homeland.

My works looks to the past as a way of negotiating the present and the future. In this I assert a language rooted in nature, at once complex yet strangely reductive in form. Through this I has mirrored many of the contradictions inherent in Chinese culture today.


Born in Beijing in 1968 and currently lives and works in Beijing as a contemporary artist and photographer.

Art Fairs

2013    Art Dubai, rep by October Gallery London

Art 13 London, rep by October Gallery London

2012    Shanghai International Photo Festival, rep by Studio Rouge Shanghai

2011    Abu Dhabi Art, rep by October Gallery London

2010    Art Beijing, rep by China Art Projects & One Moon Gallery Beijing

MADRID FOTO, rep by Galeria Tagomago Barcelona

Art Dubai, rep by October Gallery London

London Art Fair, rep by TAG Fine Arts London

2009    Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair, rep by China Art Projects Beijing

Art Dubai, rep by October Gallery London

2008    Art Dubai, rep by October Gallery London

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2016    The power of mix, Force Gallery, Beijing, China

2015    Rubbish Dump, Yun Gallery, Beijing, China

           Other Things, Arc One Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2014 Contemporary Nature:Huang Xu, Seva Frangos Art, Perth, Australia

           Boundless, BM Art, Beijing, China

2012    Mr & Mrs Huang in the Humble Administrators Garden, Studio Rouge, Shanghai & Hong Kong, China

           From Purity to Obscurity,Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane, Australia

           Flowers, Arc One Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2011    Pensées éphémères,YU Gallery, Paris, France

           Memento Mori, South Art Space, Beijing, China

2010    Flot/Jetsam, Front Line Contemporary, Shanghai, China

           Pensées éphémères, YU Gallery, Paris, France

2009    Fragments, Galeria Tagomago, Barcelona, Spain

           Two Voices, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane, Australia

           Fragments, October, London, UK

2008    Fragments, Arc One Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

           Fragments, Mulpa Space, Beijing, China

2007    Fragments, La Case Art Spaces, Beijing, China

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015  ‘Gwangju Museum of Art, 7th Beijing Residency Artists Exhibition’, Force Gallery, Beijing, China

“The Significant Other”, ClimARTe, ArcOne Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2014  ‘ 2014 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition’, Somerset House, London, UK

Beijing-SLC Connect, Gittins Gallery, Salt Lake City, USA

2013  HongKong Art Walk 2013, China Art Projects, HongKong

Considering the Spiritual, Ning Space, Beijing, China

Metropolis: Reflections on the modern city, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham, UK

The World of Extraordinary Objects, October Gallery , London, UK

2012  Carnival-Hei Qiao Artist Community (I), Mizuma & One Gallery, Beijing, China

           Consumed/Deflated, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane, Australia

           Beijing Hao!, UQ Art Museum, Queensland, Australia

           Sifting Time, Museum China Australian History, Melbourne, Australia

2011  Huang Xu Tong & Yang Hong Li, University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain

           Transvangarde Illuminations, October Gallery, London, UK

           Ruby, Roxy and The Flaming Lamborghini, Studio Rouge, Shanghai, China

           Chinese Contemporary Art, White Rabbit Museum, Sydney, Australia

           Untitled, 10+ Gallery, Hong Kong

           China Nexus, Stella Downer Fine Art, Sydney, Australia

2010    Kitsch & Kinky, Frontline Gallery, Shanghai, China

           Constructed Landscapes: Australia- China Connections, Me Photo Art Gallery, Beijing, China

           How Nature Speaks, Arc One Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

           Weapons of Mass Consumption, Town Hall Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2009    Beautiful World: New Art From China, Stella Downer Fine Art, Sydney,  Australia

           Catching Light, Quac Space, Beijing, China

           Transvangarde 2009, October Gallery, London, UK

2008    Luminous Dark, Bleibtreau Gallery, Berlin, Germany

           Luminous Dark, King Street Gallery On William, Sydney, Australia

           Meaning-Less’ Photo Exhibition, VIS-A-VIS Art Lab, Xiamen, China

           ‘P.O.P.’ Exhibition from Beijing & NY Artists, Pickled Art Center, Beijing, China

           Act First and Report Afterwards, 3 Space, Beijing, China

           In Lens, Out of Lens, Duke Art Space, Beijing, China

           C.A.P. Launch, Two Lines Gallery, Beijing, China


2007    07 Independent Screenage Document, Open Contemporary Art Centre,  Beijing, China

           07 Independent Screenage Document, Song Zhuang Art Space, Beijing, China

           Warm up, Hot Sun Space, Beijing, China

           Associated Exhibition In September, Pickled Art Centre, Beijing, China

           The Ways, Ke Contemporary Art Centre, Shanghai, China

2006    Paper View, Two Lines Gallery, Beijing, China

Allocate, Beijing International Art Campus (BIAC), Beijing, China

2005    Demolish, Demolish, Demolish, BIAC, Beijing, China

The First and Second Open Exhibitions, BIAC, Beijing, China

2003    Going to Market, Shangri-la Community Art Center, Beijing, China

2002    The Republic, South Art Space, Beijing, China

2001    Free Man, Blue Gallery, Beijing, China

Public/ Private Collections

Birmingham Museum, Birmingham, UK, The White Rabbit Collection, Sydney, Australia, University of Western Sydney, Sydney, Australia, The Joan B. Hornig Foundation, New York, USA, Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, North Carolina, USA, ANZ (Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd.), Melbourne, Australia, O Gallery, Beijing, China, Yu Gallery, Paris, France, CAP Collection, Australia & China, Jackson Lalic Lawyers, Sydney, Australia

Mattias Lentz, Minister (Political), Embassy of Sweden, Nicola Michelle Reid, First Secretary, Embassy of New Zealand, Inma González Puy, President, the Spanish Cultural Center, Cervantes Institute, Joan Hornig, Founder, The Joan B. Hornig Foundation, Judith Neilson, Founder, The White Rabbit Collection


Park Hyatt, Sanya, Hainan

L’hotel élan, Hong Kong

Andaz Hyatt, Shanghai


Professional shortlist in the Conceptual category, in the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards