Lao Dan

Artist Statement

Using Chinese ink links me with a tradition thousands of years old. This medium helps me align ancient thought and ancestral artistic practice with the present, something very important to me. Every day I work with both calligraphy and drawing, and the Beautiful Lines series is a hybrid of these two. A recent visit to Stonehenge left a profound impact on me, and since then I have been fascinated with finding a way to express the eternal knowledge of those who came before us. My work reflects an ongoing fascination with the colour spectrum, natural phenomena, ancient mystical sites and supernatural activity. Modern art today is just fashion, I am reconciling the divide between art and thought – I am thinking and creating. I do not consider myself a ‘contemporary artist’. Through traditional medium and modern method, Beautiful Lines bridges communication between past and present.


Beijing based artist and documentary filmmaker. Co-founder of HART Center For Arts in 2003

As painter and video artist, his works are collected by  Lehman Brothers, New York, Rossi & Rossi, London, T.A.G Fine Art, England, JoostvanDenBerg, London/Netherland, Crown Casino/Hotel, Macau, Private collections are in Australia, England, China etc.

Group Exhibition

2012  China Nexus II Stella Downer Fine Art, Sydney

2011  China Nexus  Stella Downer Fine Art, Sydney

           The painting of Remaining Image II  Museum Of Contemporary Art, Beijing

2010  WIDTH Contemporary Art Exhibition Museum Of Contemporary Art,Beijing

2009  Beautiful Line  Stella Downer Fine Art, Sydney

The painting of Remaining Image  Left Right Art Museum, Beijing

2007  ShContemporary  MarlboroughGallery, Shanghai

2006  Asian Art Fair  Marlborough Gallery, New York

          CIGE-China International Gallery Exposition  MarlboroughGallery, Beijing

          Not Only Black  Hart Center of Arts, Beijing

2005  Water Amongst Mountains  Hart Center of Arts, Beijing

2004  Urban Hieroglyphics  Hart Center of Arts, Beijing

2003  Jose Maria Forcada Casanovas & Laodan  Hart Center of Arts, Beijing

2002  Contemporary Arts  Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution, Beijing

2001  Ink & Paper  Gallery Le Quai de la Batterie, Arras, France

Solo Exhibition

2005  New Humanity  HART Center of Arts, Beijing

2003  LaoDan Experimental Process Exhibition  HART Center of Arts, Beijing

2001  Move Canvas  Stanley Gallery, Sanghai

Documentary works are including:

2007-2008  Director  Laodan& 798

2011 Cameraman Chinese Portrait, produced by CNDP France.

2012-2013 Director &Cameraman  8000KM , was released on Travel Channel China

2013-2014 Cameraman of Little People Big Dreams,Won best feature documentary of Asian TV Award 2015

2014 Cameraman   For Art’s Sake produced by Media Crop Singapore.

2014-2016  Cameraman Learning To Forget produced by DR2 (Demark)

2014-2016 Director &cameraman Out In China (on production)