Liu Zhuoquan

Liu Zhuoquan - artist

Liu Zhuoquan

Liu Zhuoquan was born in Wuhan, Hubei Province. He now lives and works in Beijing. Liu Zhuoquan has become internationally known for his re working of the old Qing Dynasty art of “inside painting” or Nei Hua practiced mainly in snuff bottles and made for the imperial elite of China. His works often reflects the unexpected conditions in daily life in China and focus on the consumption issues in a rapidly changing society. He collects diverse kinds of discarded or recycled bottles to express his powerful comments in such a society. He has held numerous solo exhibitions, including Illuminer Niagara Galleries, Melbourne, Liu Zhuoquan @ D-space, Beijing and World of a Thousands Space Station, Beijing. His work has been collected by Today Art Museum, Beijing, and White Rabbit Museum Sydney and Liu Zhuoquan has been a featured artist at Art Stage, Singapore, Hong Kong Art Fair 11, Asia One section and the prestigious Sydney Biennale, All our Relations in 2012. He is held in many private collections across the globe.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2012 Illuminer, Niagara Galleries, Melbourne

2011 Liu Zhuoquan, Asia One, Art Hong Kong 11 represented by China Art Projects, Hong Kong

Liu Zhuoquan, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane

2010 Liu Zhuoquan, D- space, Beijing

Selected Group Exhibitions

2012 Illuminer, 10+ Space, Hong Kong

18th Biennale of Sydney, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

Melbourne Festival, Melbourne, Australia

2011 China Nexus, Stella Downer Fine Art, Sydney

Scorching Sun of Tibet, Songzhuan Museum, Beijing

2010 Art Stage Singapore, featured artist, Singapore

World of Thousands, with Gonkar Gyatso, Space Station Gallery, Beijing

Melbourne Art Fair, represented by China Art Projects, Melbourne

Kitsch & Kinky, Front Line Contemporary, Shanghai

CIGA, Beijing Art Fair, Beijing

2009 Historical Images, Shenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen, Hubei Art Museum, Wuhan, China

Outlaw-The Spring Of Caochangdi, Boers Li-Space, Beijing

2008 Departure, Contemporary Art Exhibition at Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao

He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

Chinese Freedom: Contemporary Artistic Text in the Post Totalitarianism Society, T Space Beijing

ECOLOGICAL CITY 3rd Architectural Biennial Beijing, D Park 751, Beijing

Homesickness- Memory and Virtual Reality, T Space, Beijing

Fire Point, Magician Space, Beijing

Walking, EGG Gallery, Beijing

2007 Reveal, Contemporary Art Exhibition, The Excellent Art Gallery, Beijing

ENERGY. SPIRIT. BODY. MATERIAL 1st Today‘s Documents, Today Art Museum, Beijing

Destination, Wang Yi East Gallery, Shanghai

Humanities and Social A Mile International Photography Festival, France

2006 Internal Injuries, Marella Gallery, Beijing

China Demolition, Thinking Hands Arts Organizations, Beijing

Action Man, Soho Gallery, Beijing

2005 Change Of Middle Space Arts Center, Luoyang


White Rabbit Museum, Sydney, Australia, / Today Art Museum, Beijing, China / China Art Projects, Beijing, London, Hong Kong

Private collections, Australia, China, Hong Kong, England, Singapore, France.