Man Chun Kwong





Artist Statement

Kwong Man Chun

My paintings are inspired by the dissociate state of my memories and my imagination. When I was small, I thought the colourful street lights were the greatest images of Sham Shui Po. I searched for identities that came to Hong Kong from far away. I saw Yip Man in movies, I saw Ding Yan Yong in books, and I saw a Dai Pai Dong while waiting for a friend.
I combined all of these images into the same pictures.
They are held closely in my identity.
There are always wanderers behind the prosperous city.



Artist Biography

Kwong Man Chun graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2013, is a painter who is interested in exploring complex emotional sediments embodied by local histories, memories and anecdote stories. His works have been shown in “Fresh Trend 2013Art Graduates Joint Exhibition”,”Power of Narrative – The Life of the Invisible “(2014) a travelling exhibition shown in five community spaces, “Babbling to Learn – KWONG Man Chun and LAI Wai Shan”(2014) at Mdd Gallery and other art spaces.





2008-2013       Hong Kong Baptist University, Associate degree of Visual Art

2011-2013       Hong Kong Bapist University, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Visual Arts


Grants & Award 

2009                The second round selection of Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Award

Group Exhibitions  


Haze, Hotel Stage Muse



Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

Red Gate Residency Open Studio



Back To The Future, The Cat Street Gallery



芽芽學語” Joint Exhibition

“According to them” Joint Exhibition

10.2013-6.2014 Power of Narrative – The Life of the Invisible (travelling exhibition in five places)



Mingle-Mingle Academy of Visual Art BA (VA) Graduation Exhibition

Fresh Trend 2013 Art Graduates Joint Exhibition



2013                HKBU Academy of Visual Arts Studies Collection



2016    Red Gate Gallery