Zhou Hongbin

Zhou Hongbin Artist

Zhou Hongbin

Artist Statement

Utopia Series

The series of 5 works are inspired by the writing of Indian philosopher and spiritual writer Jiddu Krishnamurti from his book The Book of Life or Krishnamurti’s Notebook.

The writings deal with the concept that the mind and spirit is always looking for answers to the state of existence but “being and living in the moment” is the best philosophy for living one’s life in harmony, and this is where to look for the concept of Utopia.

Zhou Hongbin incorporates traditional animals and birds of Chinese mythology that stand for harmony, peace and good values (deer, horse, crane, peacock, parrot) – but also incorporates the snake to add the element of menace, evil and disharmony, common element in all philosophy’s. The circle format echoes the Chinese “moon gate” that is used as a portal into spaces of harmony and tranquility.




1978    born in Zhangzhou, Fujian, China


2001    BA, Art College of Xiamen University.

2005    MA, Major in Digital Media, China Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Solo Exhibitions

2014     zhouhongbin’works show,AJC Gallary,Hongkong

2011     Inward Event, OFOTO Gallery, Shanghai.

2008     Aquarium, LianheDouzhen Art Space, Beijing.

2007     Illusion, Hello Art Space, Xiamen.

Group Exhibitions

2016     “Half  The  Sky” Chinese Women Artists exhibition , Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

2015     Jimei X Arles International Photo Festival, Xiamen Jimei

                Neo-Perception China’s New Generation of Women Artists,  PearlLam Galleries, Shanghai

2014      Mai Hami Art FairMai Hami, USA

2013     South Korea Kwangju Art Museum of Beijing creation center open studio ExhibitionBeijing

                NY Art Fair New York, U.S.A.

2012   The concept of reform — the history of Chinese ContemporaryPhotography Exhibition, Beijing

         Ten years of the new century and Photography artExhibition, Beijing

2011     Fantasy, The 3rd Dali International Photography Exhibition, Dali.

         PHOTO.L.A. + ART LA PROJECTS 2011, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

2010     Contemporary Photography Exhibition from China, AKI Gallery, Taipei.

         Contemporary Artists Exchange Exhibition from China and the Netherlands, Xiamen.

         NY Art Exposition, New York, U.S.A.

         Open Frame – New landscape Photography from China,YAVUZ Gallery, Singapore.

2009     Beijing 798 at the Xiamen Modern Art Exhibition, Xiamen Art Museum, Xiamen.

2008     Dreamscape, OFOTO Gallery, Shanghai.

2007     Asian Youth Contemporary Art Festival, Heyri Art District, Seoul, Korea.

         Decentred Generation, Dashanzi Art Festival, 798 Art District, Beijing.

         China International Gallery Exposition, International Trade Center, Beijing.

         Post Avant – Garde, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hongkong.

         Shanghai Art Exposition – Emerging Artists Exhibition, Shanghai WorldTrade Shopping Centre, Shanghai.

2006     China Today Fine Arts Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing.

         This Life, 798 Times Gallery, Beijing.

         Life of New Beijing, New China, Digital Media Studio, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing/Nabi Art Center, Seoul, Korea.

2005     The Exhibition for Communication of China and Holland Contemporary Arts, Jimei University, Xiamen.